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November 29 is Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2022

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November 29 is Giving Tuesday

November 29, 2022

About the Event

We had a great year!

Record San Jose Fountain Blues & Brews Festival attendance and record number of live fundraiser performances throughout the year. Let’s keep this going for the next generation of blues artists.

Mission Statement

“The Fountain Blues Foundation, a 501 (c)3 non-profit organization, is organized to preserve and promote the indigenous American music known as the blues. Preservation activities may take a variety of forms, including live performances, broadcasts, lectures, and community education about the history of the blues, culminating in the longest running blues festival in the Bay Area: the San Jose Fountain Blues & Brews Festival that features a wide diversity of roots and blues styles.”

About This Cause

The Foundation recently welcomed the long-established Silicon Valley Blues Society into the Foundation as an active partner in promoting and staffing Foundation events. San Jose Jazz continues as key partner. An active, fundraising-focused Board of Directors hosts year-round events highlighting regional blues artists, helping engrain the blues in the fabric of the community and grow the notoriety and support for the blues.

Foundation Goals

  • Provide a platform for blues musicians to find live music performance opportunities, in a time of diminishing opportunities
  • Expose the broader music community to the blues, encouraging young artists/audiences of all ages to learn about the genre
  • Create opportunities for musicians to find mentorship and music industry experiences that can promote professional artistic growth
  • Partner with local venues/merchants to promote the blues art form
  • Support economic development in San Jose by including local venues and merchants in Foundation programming

The Annual San Jose Fountain Blues & Brews Festival

The Festival is the culminating event of the year for the Foundation and is directly aligned with its mission of preserving and promoting the indigenous American music known as the blues. For more than 30 years, the Festival has built a strong reputation and Bay Area tradition, solidifying San Jose as the premiere host to the longest running blues festival in the Bay Area. Not only does the Festival showcase renowned musicians in the blues genre, but also gospel, swing, zydeco, funk, soul and R&B. The Festival also features local artists, vintage games, craft beer tastings and Southern cuisine.

Festival goals are:

  • Attract 5,000+ full paying Festival attendees, while keeping the event affordable
  • Feature 10 high-caliber bands that represent the diversity of blues-influenced music
  • Add support to local music education programs and facilitate more youth attending the Festival
  • Curate high caliber of local artists/crafters, food/beverage vendors and community booths

Educational Outreach is two-fold: (1) spread the message of the blues by demonstrating to younger audiences its historical significance and influences on today’s music and (2) build a pipeline for participation in future Festivals.

Blues Performances by Local Artists in San Jose Venues – Year-round blues jams at Poor House Bistro, Little Lou’s and other venues throughout Silicon Valley.

Food/Drink Vendors – Food vendors represent Southern favorites like BBQ ribs, New Orleans Po Boys and homemade cobblers. A craft beer tasting garden featuring over 20 regional breweries and wine tastings by local wineries.

Community Organizations – The Foundation works with numerous not-for-profit agencies to bring together people from all walks of life to strengthen the community.

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November 29, 2022

12:00 am - 11:59 pm

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